Fall is on its way and it comes bearing fruit! This week you can see pomegranate, kiwi, yuzu, white fig and golden nugget mandarin oranges beginning to ripen in the Rare Fruit Orchard. And the crepe myrtle is creating a beautiful bright pink backdrop for a photo. Listen to Georgiann Keller’s audio blog while you scroll through the pictures below to learn more about what else is blooming in the Garden and where to find it all. Make sure to grab your tickets in advance, especially if you’re come to the Garden on a weekend!


Photos from the Garden

Princess flower

Pink plumeria


Lantana with butterfly and diamond frost Euphorbia

Diamond frost Euphorbia with various other plants in the geometric beds

Various purple and blue salvias

Salvia Madrensis (yellow blooming salvia)

Indian shot canna


Spectacular Cassia

Cascabella tree or yellow oleander

Yucca bloom

Red fountain grass

Carissa blooms


Crêpe myrtle at the Rare Fruit Orchard

Kiwi fruit

Yuzu tree

White fig tree

Night blooming Jasmine


If you want to see what’s blooming in person, click here to purchase tickets.