Allan Stansbury
Credit: Sarah Chah
Julie Wennstrom
Credit: Julie Wennstrom

Our Board of Directors

The South Coast Botanic Garden Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of leading members of the community and is fortunate to have had extraordinary leadership throughout its 50+ year history. The current Board is actively engaged in guiding the organization through this very exciting time in our expansion of services and endeavors.

Executive Officers

Pamela Reis President

John Sealy Vice President

Mike Molina Treasurer

Karen Melideo Secretary


Jim Gardner
Kathy Kellogg Johnson
Allen Lay
Marilyn Long
Lynn Lord
Janet Marott
Aryan Papoli
Kenneth Pickar
Twanna Rogers
Marcia Schoettle
Mark Waronek
Laurel Woodley

Ann Carley – Emeritus