garden area restrictions
Credit: Laurie Rennie

Current Garden Area Restrictions and Closures

Occasional garden area closures occur during the year for scheduled area maintenance or reserved events. Please check this page regularly for all garden area updates.


Last updated: September 10, 2020

We are continuing to make improvements to the Garden and our procedures to ensure the safety and health of all visitors during this time. In the coming days, visitors will notice temporary changes, listed out below. Rangers and staff will be on-site to ensure the implementation of these improvements and that all visitors are complying for the sake of everyone’s health and safety. In order to remain open, your compliance with the rules and guidelines are essential. Visitors should check the website regularly for updates and closures to garden areas.

Admission: All guests (both members and general admission) will need to reserve the date and time they’d like to come to the Garden online and in advance. We are no longer taking in-person transactions for Garden admission.

Masks: All guests must wear cloth face coverings at all times, in all areas of the Garden. Physical distancing from groups outside of your household is required at all times. Cloth face coverings are not required for:  
•        Children 2 years old or younger.
•        Persons with a medical condition, mental health condition or disability that prevents wearing a cloth face covering. Per the County of LA Department of Public Health, a face shield is required and will be offered complimentary for your use instead.

Entrance/Exit:  All guests will now enter through the main gate and exit out of the white side gate, allowing visitors to remain a safe distance from one another. Please observe the signage directing you as you exit the Garden to ensure you’re leaving out of the correct gate.

Restrooms: Restrooms near the entrance will remain open. Porta-potties throughout the facility may be intermittently closed depending on our ability to keep up with supplies and cleanliness.

Benches: Seating throughout the Garden will be limited and/or closed off in order to prevent gatherings and spreading of germs. If you need to sit down, the meadows offer a grassy refuge.

Picnics: Picnic areas will no longer be designated as such to prevent gathering and ensure the safety of all our guests.

Closed Garden Areas: Certain areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained may be closed off in order to help enforce the distancing mandates. These are temporary closures and these areas will be back open once it’s safe to do so.

Groups: Groups MUST break out into bubbles of 10 or less with at least one adult (age 16 or higher) per bubble at all times, including when entering the Garden and picnicking. These groups should be arranged prior to visiting the Garden and should not mix with one another while enjoying our 87 acres separately. 

All visitors, including groups, are required to have advanced ticket reservations prior to their visit. There is no discount for group purchases at this time. Before entering the Garden, a Ranger will meet with your group to provide a safety briefing. Buses should never park and unload visitors at the base of the ticketing ramp or at the red-painted curb. Buses may find a place to park in the diagonal parking spaces allotted for school visitors, and if not available, may park near the mulched section of our parking lot or near the horse trail entrance.  



  • Children’s Garden is closed through the end of September 2020.
  • The Greenhouse is closed through the end of 2020.