You’ve probably seen his work, whether you know it or not. His large-scale Trolls have taken on a life of their own throughout the world, and now Thomas Dambo Trolls: Save the Humans is heading to South Coast Botanic Garden on October 1. … And it’s a pretty big deal.

Thomas Dambo is considered the world’s leading recycle artist and is most notably known for his giant Troll sculptures made of reclaimed wood. Since childhood, Thomas was taught the value of recycling and sustainability by his parents. Instead of trash, his clever mind saw free building materials he could use to bring his imagination to life. 

Before creating these larger-than-life sculptures, Thomas lived a diverse life expressing himself through music, street art and scenic design. After graduating with a master’s degree in interactive design from Kolding Design School, Thomas went back to his roots and used recycled materials to create art. He began “tagging” Danmark with colorful birdhouses, and eventually moved on to tagging the world with his gigantic Troll sculptures. 

With 100 sculptures all over the world, these Trolls have begun to have a life of their own. Their message of sustainability and stewardship has reached millions of people through visits, social media and international media coverage. Thomas’ vision is to create art that inspires people to go explore, have adventures in nature, and demonstrate that trash can be turned into something beautiful.

Now, Thomas, along with our team here at the Garden, is bringing that vision to life within our 87 acres.

If you’d like to meet Thomas in person, become a Member or upgrade your membership to the Garden Circle level. Thomas will be the guest speaker at our exclusive Garden Circle Farm to Table event next month. He will also be leading a Trolls and Trails Artist Tour for members of the Garden Circle Bronze level and higher. To become a Member or upgrade, click here.