Together, We Flourish!

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Can you help the Garden flourish?

The Flourish Fund, inspired by our thriving plant collection, supports all the ways we are cultivating growth at South Coast Botanic Garden – growth of plants, growth in children’s minds, and growth in the health of our visitors. The Flourish Fund is our promise to grow to even greater heights. As we build a stronger base of community support, this Garden can deliver more and more.

The Garden’s mission has been about sustainability for the last 61 years. This has never been more meaningful than the last year when many looked for ways to reclaim what was being lost during the pandemic. How did you connect to nature at the Garden over this last year? What did the Garden come to mean to you?

Member and professor of child development, Kate, shared that her family was inspired by our scavenger hunts to create “Wild Wednesdays,” a weekly excursion where they would explore our trails and develop language skills through nature journaling. Garden rangers made them feel safe and welcome to explore deep into the 87 acres. They continue these weekly visits today, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

This is only one example of the many ways the Garden serves our Community. With your help, there are even more memorable experiences we can grow.  From 15,000 bulb plantings for the next Super Bloom to Tropical Butterflies and an all new GLOW full of delicious adventures; we have more innovative nature experiences planned. Your gift can provide plants and containers for those new blooms and plantings, education personnel to create those new exhibits, and materials to train and coach our brigade of volunteers.

Some ways your gift could help us grow:

  • $100 could underwrite a free visit for two families of four.
  • $200 could provide materials for discovery cart activities like the “Butterfly Snacks.”
  • $500 could help print enough scavenger hunt maps for one weekend.
  • $1,000 could underwrite 1,700 tulip bulbs for our Super Bloom.

Your support has helped us provide new nature connections and a peaceful destination over the last year to over 346,000 visitors. It is only through your support that we can continue to grow into the Garden you need. Together we flourish!

Please Donate