Together, We Flourish!

With Your Help, ALL Can Flourish

Only with your support can South Coast Botanic Garden serve our mission to connect ALL to the wonders of nature and create experiences that inspire stewardship and sustainability. With your gifts over the last four years, 250,000 children have enjoyed immersive experiences that plant the seeds for life-long connections to nature – making a brighter future. Among them is one of the Garden’s ambassadors, four-year-old Aria. A weekday regular, the Garden has been a wonderful source of education for Aria as she observes all the changes in the seasons and varieties of its inhabitants at YOUR Garden. Together, we can plant even more seeds like Aria with purposeful Garden beds and Garden programs in new spaces, including the Marilyn and John Long Children and Family Garden.

Along with the children, 70,000 visitors have come to the Garden free of charge over the last four years due to special programs. They have also enjoyed our unique exhibits and plant displays and accessed further into our 87 acres thanks to the Garden’s free shuttle. The cost to maintain nature on its best day, provide access to more members of the community, and create new educational experiences, continues to grow. Together, we can make this a natural respite for ALL. YOUR Garden abounds with possibilities, but we need your support to sprout.

Your donation can help in many ways as we seek to raise $30,000 by the end of the year in order to plan to flourish in 2024.

Here is what your gift could provide:

$50 = discovery cart education materials for one day.

$100 = a free visit for two families of four.

$250 = 500 square feet of wildflowers

$750 = free rides for 150 guests on a Garden access shuttle.

$1,500 = one seasonal upgrade for a Garden bed.

$3,000 = one seasonal care project for the Bohannon Rose Garden.