In this week’s What’s Blooming, Georgiann Keller highlights the incredible blooms that are providing nectar and pollen for flying and crawling pollinators alike. As the weather gets cooler, we will begin to see the berries of the Toyon bushes turn bright red, just in time for the holidays. Also known as California Holly, the Toyon berry may be where Hollywood got its name. Make sure to listen to the audio blog as you scroll through the pictures below to learn more about what’s blooming in the Garden, then make sure to come see it all in person!  



Photos from the Garden

Justica aurea or yellow jacobinia

Plantings of impatiens mirabilis, coleus & begonia

Cape honeysuckle

Veltheimia capensis or Sand Lily

Cleistocactus samaipatanus

Philodendron flowers

Dragon fruit

Narcissus or paper whites


Fuller by Doris Sung

Firewheel tree blooms

Ginkgo tree


Want to see what’s blooming in person? Garden tickets can be found here.