It’s the first week of spring, and while the sky has been grey, the Garden is bright with new blooms! We’ve gotten quite a few questions about whether the cherry blossoms are still in bloom. While the cherry trees in the Amphitheater Lawn are no longer in bloom, there are a number of stunning cherry trees in bloom in the Amphitheater itself and in Sakura Meadow. Learn more in Georgiann Keller’s latest audio blog below! 



Photos from the Garden

Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms in the Amphitheater 


Pink Powderpuff
Pink powderpuff


Pink rockrose
Pink rockrose

A lone pink hyacinth with the blooming rosemary backdrop

Summer snowflake
Three cornered leek

Cherry trees in Sakura Meadow

Butterfly amaryllis

Puya flower spike with cherry blossoms in the background

Calla lily
Redbud trees
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