Did you just purchase something at Dottie’s? Did you notice anything about your foodware? 

In alignment with our exhibit Washed Ashore, we are making changes throughout the Garden to help all of us make sustainable choices. This particular change includes serving food and beverages out of compostable containers and offering compostable utensils for those who need them. By doing this alongside providing new composting bins, the Garden is able to redirect waste to a more useful end.

Why does it matter? When something is compostable, it means that it can be used to create renewable energy for powering homes or healthy fertilizer for growing plants. Most take-out containers and utensils are made of plastic that releases toxins into the environment when it physically and chemically breaks down. By using compostable foodware we are able to avoid releasing more toxins into the environment.

How can you help? If you are given compostable utensils and containers from a restaurant, make sure they end up in a compost bin. So when eating at Dottie’s please make sure to put your foodware and food waste into our new green composting bin. This will ensure that it is used to create fertilizer or renewable energy. Keeping reusable utensils on-hand is another great way to avoid adding more plastic to the problem. If you’re interested in investing in reusable utensils, visit the Garden’s Kiosk in Palm Circle to purchase a set.

Once the compost bins at the Garden are full, Waste Management will pick up our waste and sort it before delivering it to Anaergia’s Sun Valley Waste Management Recycling Park, where it will be processed and prepared to be used to create renewable natural gas.

Thank you for joining us on our mission for a more sustainable future. To learn more about sustainability and the Garden in general, take our Washed Ashore Adventure Tour! Click here for tickets.