In this new world we live in, virtual meetings are the norm. Whether it’s for work, school, family or friends, these virtual hangouts allow us to feel connected with one another. Now you can bring a little extra special pizazz to your meeting with a virtual background featuring the Garden! No more need to clean-up that mess or create the perfect set up before each meeting, these backgrounds are sure to impress. 

Choose from the Living Wall, Upper Meadow, Rose Garden or the Fuller sculpture – or download all four and swap them between meetings! If you’re unsure how to implement a virtual background, here is a video tutorial on how to do it for a Zoom meeting.

Here are a couple of tips when using virtual backgrounds:

  • Test using the background before you go live in a meeting
  • You may need to crop image or resize image depending on your camera’s ratio
  • If the SCBG logo appears backward on screen, you may need to select “Mirror My Video” when selecting your virtual background
  • Avoid wearing similar colors that are in your background
  • Use a green screen when able 
  • If you are using a green screen, don’t wear green! 

To download your background, right-click on the image and click save image. 

Living Wall

Fuller Sculpture

Upper Meadow

Rose Garden



The Garden has remained open to serve the community by being a place to encourage wellness and health through nature and open space. Please help keep us open by considering a gift to the Garden. You can do so here.