Fall is on the horizon and the Dorothy and John Bohannon Rose Garden is sending out its last blush of blooms for the year. In addition to the roses, we have serval lilies, two different colors of angel trumpets and Arabian Jasmine blooming throughout our 87 acres. Make sure to listen to Georgiann Keller’s audio blog while scrolling through the pictures below to learn more about each bloom’s location, then invite a friend to come with you to find what’s blooming. Remember, pictures can only show you how pretty each flower is. Some plants, like the Arabian Jasmine and roses, have incredible fragrances that can only be experienced in person!



Photos from the Garden

Crinium Lily

Visually enticing new walkway

Lush, bedding, gardens

Pink angel trumpet

Yellow angel trumpet

Arabian Jasmine

Natal lily

White garland Lilly or Hedychium coronarium


Huntington 100’s or ‘life of the party’

Fame rose surrounded by canna and taro


Beach spider lily

Red Amaryllis with bromeliads in the Display Greenhouse


To see these blooms and the rest of the Garden in person, purchase tickets here.