While the holiday season is here, the warm weather is extending blooms and growth in the Garden. This week we’re focusing mostly on the plants located inside the pavilion which was recently turned into Ibbi Pip’s Playhouse for our current exhibit, Thomas Dambo’s TROLLS: Save the Humans. The pavilion still has several flowers blooming making it a beautiful and inviting space. Speaking of the Trolls, make sure to come and visit them before they offically leave the Garden on January 14, 2024. To learn more about the pavilion blooms and learn what else is blooming in the Garden make sure to listen to  Georgiann Keller’s audio blog below. Then make sure to come and see them in person! 


Photos from the Garden

Impatience mirabilis

Jungle flame

Pentus or Egyptian star cluster

White champaca

Grevillea hybrid

Purple Porterweed



Mistletoe cactus

Romelia spikes

Aloe maculata X A. Vanbalenii

Aloe elegance-orange

Pearl Acacia

Pink Dombeya


Want to see these blooms in person? Click here for Garden tickets.