1)  A tropical oasis hidden behind the Amphitheater 

Most people who turn off Tram Road go straight into the Amphitheater and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms and other trees in that area. They either cut through and end up on the Amphitheater Lawn before continuing on their way, or they head down a dirt path toward Canyon Road. But there’s a lush, green oasis hiding right behind the Amphitheater with two benches perfectly set for you to enjoy the feeling of being in the tropics, even if just for a few minutes. Next time, instead of walking straight into the Amphitheater from Tram Road, turn left on either of the first two dirt paths. There are beautiful palms, birds of paradise, and more waiting for you.

More views of the area: 



2) A view from the top

If you’re looking for a vista view of the Garden, this is your spot. Located above the Agave Collection, this spot gives you a new view of the collection, as well as a view of the tree tops throughout the Garden. There’s even a bench to take in the views. To get there, if you’re at the top of the Desert Garden, continue straight past the restrooms. Follow the road for a little bit and you’ll come across the bench. Stop there and take in the beautiful views! When you’re ready to continue on, don’t head down the Agave Collection’s zig-zag trail, instead, head to our No. 3 spot! 




3) Our newly planted orchard

This area isn’t so much hidden as it is new.  This area of the Garden was being used as a road for construction trucks, but now that the work is complete, the area has been replanted with Meyer lemon trees and other plants. There are a few mature fruit trees that were saved during the construction, including sweet and calamondin orange trees which are currently fruiting! So you’re probably asking yourself where this is. From our No. 2 spot, you continue along the trail at the top of the Garden (instead of turning around or heading down the Agave Collection paths). Continuing along the path, you’ll quickly come upon this new orchard. Or if you’re walking counter clockwise along Tram Road, you’ll turn right on the dirt path right after Creek Lane (on the left). 

The mature fruit trees in the area:



4) A hidden ‘tree fort’ 

This spot is perfect for kids to explore or to take a book and hide from the world for a little bit. Located right off Tram Road, most people walk right by it never knowing it’s there. It’s partially hidden due to its distance from the front entrance. Located on the polar opposite side of the Garden, you will turn onto the Service Yard road. From there, you will see a wooden pergola with some wooden seats underneath it. You can stop and explore that area, or follow the little path underneath the tree’s large branches (which you’ll likely need to duck under) and be greeted by this adorable little ‘tree fort.’ 



Hidden Meadow

5)  The aptly named Hidden Meadow 


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