Easter is one of the busiest days at the Garden and this year is no exception. Easter falls on Sunday, March 31, which would traditionally be our dog walking hours. So can you expect to run into some Easter egg hunts and dog walkers on this day?  We answer all of your burning questions below to ensure everyone has an egg-tastic day in the Garden!


What is the Garden doing for Easter?: The Garden does not have any programming planned for Easter 2024, however, we will be installing our springexhibit, BLOOM!, which opens April 1. Guests who are visiting on Easter Day will get an early look at this stunning exhibit.

Can I do my own Easter egg hunt?: Yes! You may bring eggs into the Garden and have an egg hunt in our designated area – the Lower Meadow. The safety of our collection and guests is our top priority so we ask that you do not hide eggs inside plants or where a guest may have to step into a planter bed. Additional egg hunt guidelines are below:

  • Remember that the Lower Meadow is a shared space for all and guests are not permitted to block off or reserve any space for a specific egg hunt.
  • Help us protect our wildlife by counting and picking up all the eggs that you brought into the Garden.
  • Keep all eggs on grassy or paved areas and out of our planter beds in the Lower Meadow. 

Isn’t Easter also Dog Walking hours?: Our dog walking hours are traditionally on the last Sunday of every month, however, to avoid the overlap with we have moved our dog walking hours up to March 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To purchase tickets to this month’s dog walking hours, click here

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