As some of you may know by now (especially if you listen to our weekly What’s Blooming audio blog), our team planted hundreds of flower bulbs last year in preparation for a spring superbloom! While it’s slightly earlier than anticipated, we’re excited to say our superbloom has started! There are four areas planted with our superbloom bulbs – tulips fill the new planter boxes near the Soller 1 sculpture, paperwhites are blooming now at the Amphitheatre Lawn below the Rose Garden, daffodils are stunning visitors in the Grass Garden, and poppies have yet to make their appearance behind Trace in Phoebe’s Meadow. Below we give an update of each area and what to expect in the coming days. Remember, Mother Nature can be fickle! Each area will bloom at its own pace and will only last a few weeks. Make sure to keep checking our blog for additional updates. And if you’re heading to the Garden this Valentine’s Day Weekend for our ‘Where Is the Love’ Scavenger Hunt and photo ops, be on the lookout for these blooms as well!


The tulips in one of the planter boxes near Soller 1 have started to bloom, but there are many more tulips to come!


All of these tulips could be making their appearance in the coming days. Once bloomed, they should stick around for a few weeks. 

Superbloom Amphitheatre Lawn

While the hill along the Amphitheatre Lawn is filled with blooming paperwhites, there are more tulips and paperwhites planted around the lawn’s cherry blossoms which have yet to start making their appearance. This area should be stunning in the coming days and weeks as these blooms begin to make their appearance. It’s hard to say what will happen with the cherry blossoms, which started to bloom a little early due to the heat wave we saw in January.

Superbloom Daffodils

This large area near the Grass Garden (located behind the Lavender Garden) has been planted with dozens and dozens of daffodils, most of which are making their appearance. By this weekend, this area should be a spectacular splash of spring. You may even see some tulips sprinkled in.

The hill behind Trace, located in Phoebe’s Meadow, has been planted with dozens of poppies. While they have yet to make their appearance so far, we have seen our first poppies appear in the Desert Garden and near the Fuller Sculpture. We will make sure to keep you posted on when they start making their appearance here as well! 

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