You may need to look closely to find this week’s Butterfly of the Week, which is much smaller than our other butterflies inside the pavilion. With their wings closed they look like dried leaves and can easily be overlooked. That is until they open their wings to reveal bright neon blue. Do you know what species we’re talking about? Our Butterfly of the Week is the blue wave butterfly! Read more fun facts below to learn all about the blue wave butterfly, then see them in person at SOAR – Tropical Butterflies.

Fun Facts: 

  • Blue wave butterflies have shades of brown and grey speckling the outer part of their wings allowing them to camouflage themselves as tree bark or old leaves.
  • The top of their wings are iridescent blue/purple with white stripes and dots. The iridescence allows the color of the wings to appear as dark as black or as bright as neon blue, depending on how the sun is reflecting off of them. 
  • They are a smaller butterfly with a wingspan of 1-1.5 inches
  • They can be found from Mexico to Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.
  • Blue wave butterflies prefer the juice from ripe fruit over nectar from a flower, so if you’re looking for them at SOAR, make sure to check the feeding trays. 

Want to see one for yourself? Make sure to get your tickets to SOAR today!