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Garden Tour

Enter the Volunteer Garden, just behind the Administration Building.


Photo courtesy Laurel


Woodley Art in the Garden. "Soller 1" 10 ft. steel sculpture by artist Betty Gold, generously donated to the Garden by Marilyn & John Long Family Foundation. Resides in the Volunteer Garden.

Photo courtesy Laurel Woodley.

Below you will find two virtual tours of our Volunteer Garden during the Summer to Fall months and the Winter to Spring months. By clicking on the icon you will be taken on a tour showing flowers that are typically in bloom during those months. So sit back and relax and enjoy your 'private tour'.

Slide show courtesy Laurel Woodley, set to Vivaldi's Seasons.

Click here to view our Volunteer Garden during the summer to fall months



Click here to view flowers from our Volunteer Garden whic typically bloom in the



winter to spring months