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Washed Ashore – Art to Save the Sea Opens at the Garden On April 1

Trash is making a splash in the Garden this spring. Come see beautiful sculptures made of “trashy” finds, explore our “trashy” past, and learn how we can all be a little less “trashy” with the Garden’s latest exhibit, Washed Ashore – Art to Save the Sea. Sixteen giant creatures made from beach debris have washed ashore and landed at the Garden through September.  

Washed Ashore – Art to Save the Sea is a non-profit organization committed to combating plastic pollution through art and education. These 16 sculptures, which consist primarily of sea creatures, were built by the organization and its volunteers to inspire and spark positive changes in consumer habits.  The Garden, having been built atop a sanitary landfill, has been proof throughout the past 60-plus years that beautiful things can come from trashy pasts. With this exhibit, we further explore the concept, as well as the education behind what we can ALL do to limit waste, particularly our single-plastic use.  

When you visit the exhibit, we will ask you to sign our pledge to make wiser choices.  Will you pledge to do better?

Signatures Collected So Far: 179

Come Meet…

Edward the Leatherback Turtle
“Hi! It’s nice to meet you, I’m Edward. I’m made of golf balls, toy tires, flip flops, bottle caps and water pitchers… weird right? I often accidentally eat plastic bags floating in the ocean because I mistake them for Jelly fish. Biiiiig whoops. Turtles like me are going extinct because of all of these ocean plastics. Come visit me at the Garden to learn more!”

Octavia the Octopus
“Hello friends! I’m made from quite a few things – disposable lighters, bottle caps, beach toys, a plastic chair and even a dog leash.. woof.  I’m a Giant Pacific Octopus,  and can grow over 20 feet in length… but that means I need wide open spaces, not debri-filled water. Come see me at the Garden and we can talk more about it!”

Lidia the Seal
“Why hello there! I know what you’re thinking… I’m pretty cute. But what I’m made from is not. I got my name from the variety of lids that make up my body. I’m also made from buoys, beach toys, shoes and more. I’m a pretty curious creature, which is how I got a net caught around my neck. How can you help me? Head to the Garden to find out!”

Enhance Your Experience with the Washed Ashore Adventure Tour

Grab your friends and family and hop aboard our exclusive Washed Ashore Adventure Tour! This non-stop shuttle tour is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the Garden.  To start, you’ll meet either our defender of the Garden, Sage, or our spirited and mischievous Blossom. Both characters take turns hosting the tour, and it’s a unique experience with both! Sage is a lover of puns, quick with a “dad joke” and knows the Garden’s history unlike anyone else – perhaps because he’s been on this land for decades! Blossom, well, she’s a bit flighty. Her best friends are the flowers and pollinators in the Garden, but thanks to her gossiping ways, she knows a LOT about the Garden as well. Either character is with you throughout the tour, providing humor and fun along the way. 

The whole experience will be about 45 minutes, including an exclusive photo opportunity with either Sage or Blossom at one of the Washed Ashore sculptures. Lastly, you’ll get to take home a reusable SCBG water bottle to help reduce your carbon footprint! 

We’ve said this is an exclusive experience, and we are serious. The shuttle only has a 20-person capacity for each time slot. The experience is available on the hour every hour from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Fridays through Sundays.

Washed Ashore Adventure Tour Pricing

The Washed Ashore Adventure Tour is $29 for both Members and non-members. Non-members will also need to purchase their General Garden Admission ticket, making their total cost up to $44 for adults. If you’re a family of 4, that would about be about $168. OR you could buy a Basic-Plus Membership and your 4 tour passes for just for $23 more. Not only would you get access to this exclusive tour, but you’d get FREE entrance to the Garden for an entire year and discounted tickets to upcoming exhibits, like SOAR – Tropical Butterflies. Talk about a deal! If you’re not a Member, make sure to become one today.

Ticket Information

Please note: Washed Ashore is included with Garden General Admission, so it’s free for Members. The Washed Ashore Adventure Tour is an additional $29 per person for both Members and non-members for those who want to opt in.  Want to take advantage of the FREE daily Garden admission? Become a Member!

Non-Member Garden Admission Tickets

Adults (Ages 18+) $15/person
Children (Ages 5-12) $5/person
Children (Ages 4 and under) FREE
Students and Seniors (62+) $11/person


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Washed Ashore Adventure Tour + Garden General Admission 

Adults (Ages 18+) $44/person
Children (Ages 5-12) $34/person
Children (Ages 4 and under) $29
Students and Seniors (62+) $40/person


Washed Ashore Adventure Tour Member Tickets

$29/per person! 

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Fun Facts About Washed Ashore – Art to Save the Sea

  • Washed Ashore has cleaned 300+ miles of beaches
  • 95% of all debris collected is used in Washed Ashore’s artwork 
  • Washed Ashore has created 60+ sculptures, only 16 of which will be on display at the Garden
  • 38,000+ pounds of marine debris has been processed
  • 14,000+ hours have been contributed by volunteers 
  • 10,000+ volunteers have participated in Washed Ashore’s efforts

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