If you listen closely inside SOAR, you may have heard a faint crackling sound. That sound is coming from our Butterfly of the Week, the grey cracker butterfly! The crackling can be compared to the sound of milk being poured over Rice Crispy cereal or when you eat a packet of Pop Rocks. These butterflies are also masters of disguise, using camouflage to hide from predators. Read the fun facts below to learn why grey cracker butterflies make that crackling sound before visiting them at SOAR – Tropical Butterflies.

Fun Facts: 

  • Male grey crackers make a crackling sound to either ward off other males or attract a mate. 
  • In SOAR-Tropical Butterflies, grey crackers can be found trying to camouflage themselves on the walls of the pavilion.
  • They prefer juice from rotting fruit instead of nectar from flowers. 
  • They can be found from Mexico to Argentina. 
  • Their wingspan is 2.75-3.5 inches long.

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