We’re feeling awfully lucky this week to be able to visit the Garden, and we hope you feel the same after seeing what’s currently in bloom. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day this Friday, March 17, we are highlighting the ‘golden’ plants blooming in the Garden right now. Take a listen to Georgiann Keller’s audio blog below to learn more. And then make sure you plan your visit this weekend to see them in person and get into the ‘lucky’ spirit. To help, we are encouraging ALL guests to come to the Garden wearing green this weekend. If you want to wear a full-on leperchaun costume, we encourage that as well! As you’re finding these ‘golden’ blooms, make sure to post a photo on Instagram using #luckyscbg!   

Photos from the Garden

Golden breath of Heaven

Burr clover

Pink flowered oxalis

Pink Woodsorrel (oxalis)

Yellow flowered, oxalis or sour grass

Mickey Mouse plant

Mini daffodils

Bush daisies


Pink jasmine

Bladder pod

California sunflower


Black tree Aeonium

Euphorbia (spurge)

Mediterranean spurge


To find these golden plants in person, purchase tickets here.