We are heading into the official last weeks of summer, and the late season blooms are continuing to join the party. There are prolific bloomers throughout the Garden, from the white blooms on the snowdrop anemone and Rose of Sharon, to the beautiful blue blooms on the plumbago. And if you’re missing the butterflies in SOAR, don’t worry, there are many butterflies fluttering about in the Garden right now too. Take a listen to Georgiann Keller’s latest audio blog below to find out more.

Photos from the Garden

Zephyranthes candida or Fairy Lily
Zephyranthes candida or fairy lily

Barker is obtuse or or blue barleriaBarker obtuse or blue barleria
Bareria repens or coral creeperBareria repens or coral creeper

Rose of Sharon

Snowdrop anemoneSnowdrop anemone

Sea squill
Sea squill

Ziziphus jujuba or Chinese jujubeZiziphus jujuba or Chinese jujube
White floss silk trees in Phoebe's Meadow
White floss silk trees in Phoebe’s Meadow
Firewheel treesFirewheel trees
Clusia fluminensisClusia fluminensis

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