This week we welcomed summer, and a new season in the Garden usually means new blooms! The plants blooming this week are definitely giving us summer vibes, from the various hibiscus to the African daisies and lantana. Take a listen to Georgiann Keller’s latest audio blog below to find out more how this new season is coming to life in the Garden. And remember, this Sunday is not only our dog walking hours, but it’s also the last weekend of our Summer Kick Off Hunt, which is culminating in a fun contest! Wear your best and brightest sun hats to the Garden this Friday through Sunday. Take a picture wearing your sun hat while taking the hunt, post it on Instagram with hashtag #SummerKickOffatSCBG and tag @scbgarden and you’ll be entered to win tickets to our Sunset Series!  



Photos from the Garden

Iceberg roses
Iceberg rose

African daisies
African daisies blooming below Flamboyance’s troop of monkeys 

Red geraniums
Red geraniums

Sprinkle rain tropical hibiscus
Tropical hibiscus ‘sprinkle rain’

Barleria obtusa, the bush violet
Barleria obtusa, or the bush violet

Barleria repens or coral creeper
Barleria repens, or coral creeper

Bull rushes 

Alcea rosea, or hollyhock

squirting cucumber, Ecballium elaterium
Ecballium elaterium, or squirting cucumber

Balloon cotton bush
Gomphocarpus physocarpus, or balloon cotton bush

Butterfly on lantana
Butterfly on lantana

Verbena bonariensis, the purpletop vervain
Verbena bonariensis, or purpletop vervain

Gazebo in the Lower Meadow
Gazebo in the Lower Meadow
Hibiscus next to the gazebo in the Lower Meadow
Hibiscus next to the gazebo in the Lower Meadow
Candy corn plant
Cuphea micropetala, or candy corn plant 
Psidium cattleyanum, or strawberry guava
Psidium cattleyanum, or strawberry guava

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