Why should you visit the Garden this week? Below is a list of reasons, and no it’s not because this Wednesday is our dog-walking hours (though, that’s a great reason to come!). It’s also not because of the delicious snacks available at Frankie and Elaine’s (but you should definitely stop by on your next visit!). You should visit the Garden this week simply because of these beautiful blooms currently taking center stage. Everything else is just icing on the cake! 



Photos from the Garden

Dahlia Garden


Dahlias ‘Mystic Spirit’

Golden Medallion Tree

Mexican Tree Marigold

Persian Silk (or mimosa) tree

Rosy Pink Aloe

The Garden has remained open to serve the community by being a place to encourage wellness and health through nature and open space. Please help keep us open by considering a gift to the Garden. You can do so here.