It’s looked like spring in the Garden for a couple of weeks now, but this week it actually feels like it as well. The warmer weather makes walking through the Garden even more enjoyable. If you head here this week, there are still pops of color throughout. From the Chinese fringe trees that are coming into bloom, the poppies that have quite literally popped up everywhere, or the whale tongue aloe in the Cactus and Succulent Garden, there are new blooms to be seen daily.

Garden volunteer Georgiann Keller walks us through the latest blooms and Garden highlights in the latest “What’s Blooming in the Garden” clip below. Take a listen to prepare for your next trip, or allow her soothing tone to guide you as you visualize the Garden from the safety of your home.  And don’t forget to see the photos below!


Photos from the Garden:

Passion Flower

California Poppy with a bumble bee inside

Chilean Puya

Chinese fringe tree

Crab apple espalier

Prickly Pear

Whale tongue aloe with bottle thrush and poppies

Whale tongue aloe up close