Have you heard all the chatter at the Garden recently? It’s a flock of yellow chevroned parakeets! These tropical birds are a beautiful lime green color with yellow markings on their wings. You can see them roosting up high in our silk floss trees from late fall through spring. 

While these parakeets call the Garden home for parts of the year, parakeets originated from South America. They found their way to Southern California when tropical birds became popular in the United States. The story is that a few pet parakeets escaped their cages and started their own wild population in California and Florida.

Yellow chevroned parakeets love tropical plants, but especially the silk floss trees because they both originate from the same regions in South America. The parakeets like the pods of the silk floss tree and depend on them for food. That’s why the parakeets are only in the Garden when the silk floss trees have pods and fruit for the parakeets to eat. 

The yellow chevroned parakeet isn’t the only species of bird we have at the Garden. Our vast acreage and large variety of plants make the Garden the ideal habitat for all sorts of wildlife. Check out this blog on other birds we have in the Garden and get some bird watching tips. Then grab some binoculars and come see these parakeets while they are still here!

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