Published: August 11, 2021

The Garden is growing, and in more ways than one. Over the past 60 years we went from a sanitary landfill to 87 acres of garden oasis. But we aren’t done. We have a vision plan that will continue to transform this public garden into a space that current and future generations can enjoy for years to come – a new children and family garden, restored lake, new programming and exhibits, the list goes on. But we need help to get there, which is why we are also growing our staff. South Coast Botanic Garden is currently hiring for the positions listed below. If you or anyone you know fits the bill for one and would like to apply, please follow the instructions at the end of each announcement. And trust us, now is the time to join the team and take part in this exciting time at the Garden as we look ahead to GLOW and SOAR – Monarch Migration, and as we get ready to break ground on a number of new projects! 

    • Director of Institutional Giving  Do you have a passion for public gardens and/or cultural attractions, possess strategic oversight skills and are an experienced, entrepreneurial self-starter with the ability to set and meet revenue goals? Then the Director of Institutional Giving is for you. This brand-new position will be a frontline fundraiser responsible for the creation and enhancement of fundraising programs and relationships connected to foundations, corporations and government entities. The Director will maintain and develop relationships, increase corporate membership, steward donors, write proposals and more. This position seeks to grow contributed revenue substantially in these areas while also freeing up others within the Department to focus on additional fundraising opportunities and responsibilities. Full description here.

    • Director of Operations –  As we mentioned, we’re growing. And as we do so, it is imperative that the security, sustainability and physical growth of the institution be monitored and managed with a high standard of quality. The Director of Operations (another brand new position) is responsible for the safety and security of the Garden, its staff and guests, and the integrity, growth, functionality and improvement of the physical space. They will provide direct supervision of the Safety and Security Manager and assist the COO in the project management of capital and construction projects, including Requests for Proposals and budgets. Full description here.
    • Safety and Security ManagerIf you’ve been to the Garden over the past year, you’ve likely come in contact with our fantastic Rangers. This brand new position will be responsible for the administration and operations of the Ranger department and staff, as well as any contract security personnel. This position will ensure the safety and protection of the Garden’s collection, buildings, property, staff, volunteers, visitors and general site operations. Full description here.  
    • Director of Learning and Engagement Did you go to GLOW last year? Or maybe you enjoyed SOAR – Tropical Butterflies? Now’s your chance to come work on these immersive and unique experiences which are headed by our COO and our Director of Learning and Engagement. This position is an excellent way to be an integral part of a growing nonprofit organization and serve on the front-line of delivering mission content to our visitors and Members through the creation and execution of thoughtful and provocative exhibits and programming, as well as formal and informal learning experiences. If planning and executing designated events, programs and exhibits that are both fun and mission-oriented is your thing, this is your job. Full description here.


The Garden has remained open to serve the community by being a place to encourage wellness and health through nature and open space. Please help keep us open for years to come by considering a gift to the Garden. You can do so here.