Ticket Information

Spider Pavilion Tickets are $5 for Members and $22 for non-members, including Garden Admission.

While hundreds of butterflies have been fluttering about our pavilion for the past few years, a new arthropod will be calling the area home as hundreds of live spiders take over the pavilion from October 1 through November 30. Much like SOAR, guests can purchase an additional timed ticket to enter the pavilion for 30 minutes to be surrounded by orb-weaving spiders like Trichonephila clavipes (golden silk orb-weaver), Argiope aurantia (yellow garden spider), Gasteracantha (spiny orb-weaver), Leucauge (orchard spider) and Araneus (Angulate orbweavers). While these spiders will be living freely in the pavilion, there will be some additional tarantulas inside glass cases. The Emergence Chamber will be turned into our Spider Wall that will educate guests about the brown widow, which was “discovered” in Torrance in 2003 as an invasive species on the West Coast! 

The Spider Pavilion is now closed. Please stay tuned for updates on SOAR – Traopical Butterflies, which returns this spring.

Confirmed Species So Far

Golden silk orb-weaver
Trichonephila clavipes
Spinybacked orbweaver
Gasteracantha cancriformis
Yellow garden/writing spider
Yellow garden/writing spider
Argiope aurantia
European garden spider
Brazilian white knee
Brazilian white knee tarantula 
Acanthoscurria geniculata
Gooty sapphire tarantula
Gooty sapphire tarantula
Poecilotheria metallica
Antilles pinktoe tarantula
Antilles pinktoe tarantula

Caribena versicolor

Brown widow
Brown Widow
Latrodectus geometricus
Western black widow
Western black widow
Latrodectus hesperus

Know Before You Go 

  • While walking inside the pavilion, you will be able to view hundreds of spiders, the majority of which want to stay in their web. Orb weavers have poor eyesight and feel the world around them through the vibrations in their webs, and prefer to wait for their food to come to them.
  • The widows in the exhibit are featured in our Widow Window that is right outside of the pavilion. Make sure you plan enough time before your timed ticket to enter the pavilion to learn about and enjoy this area.
  • The tarantulas inside the exhibit will be in terrariums.
  • One of the main species you’ll see, Trichonephila clavipes, spins golden silk and comes from the South Eastern United States.
  • Education is a key component to this exhibit. Feel free to speak to our educators to learn more about our 8-legged friends in this space.

Member Benefits

Only Members receive discounts on tickets and priority access during the Members-only Pre-Sale for the Spider Pavilion from September 12-18, 2022. Get your first choice on visit times before dates start selling out, especially those close to Halloween! 

Have additional questions regarding your ticket or Membership? Call (424) 452-0920.

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