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Ticket Information

Tickets are $5 for Members, and up to $22 for non-members, including price of Garden Admission

Come experience SOAR – Monarch Migration and discover the journey of the mighty monarch butterfly family.

 Monarchs are one of only a few butterfly species that migrate. Come learn why, how and where they travel. Our immersive pavilion will showcase monarchs and mimics (other butterflies that may look like a monarch but aren’t actually). Our SOAR guides will help you become a butterfly detective, while our host and nectar garden will be planted with everything our western monarchs love, including milkweed, which helps repopulate this very special butterfly. 

Monarchs have a very important story to tell. While they may be the most well-known butterfly, their population is on a steep decline. Our exhibit will also touch on what YOU can do to help.

New EXCLUSIVE Opportunities!

SOAR Scheduled Butterfly Releases – Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 3:30 p.m., SOAR ticket holders can welcome our newest monarchs into the pavilion during these fun butterfly releases. Watch our trained staff carefully transfer our emerged butterflies from the Emergence Chamber to a butterfly carrier and over into the pavilion. Once safely inside the pavilion, gather around and watch the monarchs (and some monarch mimics) slowly explore their new home! 
SOAR Docents

All photos taken by Chuck Bennett.

On left, children explore the newly planted Garden area of SOAR to see eggs and caterpillars. In both the middle and right photo, docents work with visitors to give them an up close and personal experience with the butterflies.

We can’t SOAR without your help! If you’re interested in SOAR volunteer opportunities, please email

Member Benefits

All Members receive special perks for SOAR, including:

  • Access to SOAR Member Presale on September 7, 2021
  • A discount on SOAR tickets throughout the run of the exhibit (only $5 for Members, infants 1 year old or younger are free)
  • A 10% discount on all merchandise, plants and snacks at our Retail Kiosk

GREAT DEAL: A non-member family of five will pay $80 to experience SOAR… OR they can purchase a Basic Plus membership AND tickets to the butterfly pavilion for only $90 (just $10 more!) and get unlimited free visits to the Garden for a year and additional Member benefits.

Enhance your butterfly experience with a membership upgrade:

  • Become a Garden Circle member and receive two Golden Tickets to SOAR and other exhibits, which allow the ticket holder one-time free admission to the exhibition without a reservation! Upgrade today!

Have additional questions regarding your ticket or Membership? Call (424) 452-0920.


Ticket Information

Please note that Members and non-members alike must purchase a timed-ticket in advance. The time you purchase your ticket into the Garden, is your time to also enter the butterfly pavilion for SOAR. After your visit to SOAR, you can explore the Garden’s additional collections at your leisure. You may also arrive 30 minutes before your timed entrance to explore the outside areas of SOAR before entering the pavilion.


Non-Member Tickets
(includes Garden Admission)

Adults (Ages 18+) $22/person
Children (Ages 5-12) $12/person
Children (Ages 2-4) $7/person
Infants (please note, no strollers are allowed inside the pavilion) Free
Students and Seniors (62+) $18/person


Member Tickets
(includes Member’s Free GA benefit)

Adults (Ages 18+) $5/person
Children (Ages 5-12) $5/person
Children (Ages 2-4) $5/person
Infants (please note, no strollers are allowed inside the pavilion) Free
Students and Seniors (62+) $5/person




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