A few weeks ago, we received a new shipment of pupa for our SOAR – Tropical Butterflies exhibit. In it was an exciting species that has finally begun emerging inside our Emergence Chamber – pointed leafwings, also known as Memphis eurypyle. While only a few have been released into our butterfly pavilion, we expect more of the butterflies to emerge soon. Since this is a new species to the exhibit, we’re naming it our SOAR Butterfly of the Week! Here are some fun facts about this new member of the Garden family. 

Fun facts

  • Pointed leafwings are part of the Nymphalidae family.
  • Their estimated lifespan is just under 2 weeks(so come see them soon!).
  • They can be found in their natural habitat in South America, from Mexico to Argentina.
  • Their host plants include Croton reflexifolius and C. jalapensis.
  • As with other leafwings, when the pointed leafwing’s wings are closed, it’s camouflaged like a dead leaf!
  • The pointed leafwing’s wings change color with the seasons – they are redder in the winter and browner in the summer.

Want to see one for yourself? Make sure to get your tickets to SOAR today!

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