California Poppies are ‘popping’ up all over the Garden. (See what we did there?!) This spectacular show of orange and yellow is sure to brighten your day, so be sure to check out the photos below!

California Poppies typically bloom March through May. These poppies can be found in two main areas of the Garden: in the Desert and Mediterranean Gardens, and scattered intermittently throughout the Garden’s 87 acres. The Desert and Mediterranean Gardens have the most vibrant display happening right now.

The California Poppy grows throughout the state from central valleys to coastal areas. While the interior valleys of California are famous for the orange poppies, coastal poppies have yellow and orange petals. 

Each poppy has cups up to 2-3” in diameter with four wide, fan-shaped petals.  Poppies open mid-morning and curl up in late afternoon, especially when it’s cold.  

Different species of poppy are native all over the world. The flower is found naturally from California to the Netherlands, Iran, and China. The flower dates back to ancient Mesopotamia as early as 3400 B.C.E. and was used for medicinal purposes. The Poppy became California’s state flower in 1903 and usually grows in porous, sandy, gravelly soils throughout the state. The flower ranges in color from yellow,  gold, bronze, scarlet, rose to white.

These blooms are highlighted in our Blossom Hunt happening now through the end of May. Whether you can visit the Garden in person, or from home, the vibrant colors pop and stand out in real life or on-screen!

Photo credit: Chuck Bennett

Photo credit: Chuck Bennett

Photo credit: Charles Bennett

California PoPhoto credit: Stephanie Morino

California Poppies

Photo credit: Stephanie Morino

Photo credit: Kelly Krusee

Photo credit: Kelly Krusee