Our goal is to ensure we are a Garden for ALL, so we are excited to announce the upcoming arrival of our new Nature POP! Accessibility Shuttle. Nature POP! is an exciting exhibit featuring more than 40 sculptures made from LEGO® bricks that will be sprinkled throughout the Garden, mostly toward the back 40 acres of the Garden. We understand that the uneven pavement and hills of Tram Road are not the most accessibile for those with walkers and wheelchairs, so to ensure that the exhibit can be enjoyed by all, our new electric shuttle will become our Nature POP! Accessibility Shuttle throughout the exhibit’s nearly 3 months-long run. 

This new shuttle is fully enclosed and will run seven days a week starting at 10 a.m. If you have limited mobility it is encouraged that you remain on the shuttle to see the sculptures. If able, you may disembark the shuttle at the second location to see the nearby sculptures closer up. 

We are sure there will be many questions regarding this new visitor amenity, so here are some anticipated FAQs.

Q: Why does the Garden have this shuttle?
A: To provide access to guests who may have challenges getting to the back of the Garden to see all of the sculptures that are on display as part of Sean Kenney’s Nature POP! 

Q: What hours will the vehicle be in operation?
The shuttle will depart from the front location from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. daily. The last pickup from the second location will be 4:45 p.m.

Q: How often will the vehicle pick up? 
Approximately every 30 minutes the shuttle will pick guests up from one of the two designated locations. 

Q: Who is the Garden Shuttle for? 
Guests with limited mobility will be given priority on the shuttle. At this time, the shuttle cannot transport wheelchairs so they will need to be parked at a designated location.

Q: Is this a tour?
No. For now, this is a visitor amenity to give folks who may have challenges getting to the back of the Garden access to view Sean Kenney’s Nature POP! There is no tour component to this.

Q: Is there an additional cost to ride?
No! There is no additional cost to ride the shuttle. Seating is first-come, first-serve with priority given to those with limited mobility. 

Q: Is the old tram coming back?
Yes! The old tram is in the process of being converted to all electric. Stay tuned for more info!