With our first-ever Spider Pavilion opening in just over a week, we are putting the final touches on this new and exciting exhibit. While you probably know by now that the pavilion will feature more than 200 live spiders, a Widow Window and terrantula terrariums, we can provide a little bit more insight into what one may expect during their visit. 

Much like SOAR, guests puchase a timed ticket to enter the pavilion for 30 minutes. We highly recommend getting to the pavilion 10 to 15 minutes early (in case there’s a line) and grabbing one of our printed brochures at the pavilion check in. Similarly to SOAR, the exhibit actually begins outside of the pavilion with the Widow Window, where guests can learn the differences between black and brown widows. While you wait to enter the pavilion, there’s ample signage that will help break down the barriers between you and the spiders with information about why spiders are so widely misunderstood. 

Once inside the pavilion, you’ll be able to view hundreds of spiders, the majority of which want to stay in their web. Orb weavers have poor eyesight and feel the world around them through the vibrations in their webs. They also prefer to wait for their food to come to them and are only really active at night. 

The pavilion’s plants have been refreshed to create a more ethereal feel. Twisted branches adorned with Spanish moss reach out of the central bed and dark-foliaged Alocasia, coral bells, coleus, and Persian shield plants sit below. Hanging baskets filled with exotic bromeliads and air plants that resemble spider-like forms descend from the ceiling. All of this was designed with the intent of creating space for the spiders to make their webs.

If you remembered to grab a brochure at the entrance of the exhibit, you’ll find a fun scavenger hunt on the first page that will help you look for things inside the pavilion that you may not have known to look for. If something catches your interest and you want to learn more about it, you’ll also be met by trained guides inside the pavilion who can help provide spider fun facts and additional education. 

Once your time in the pavilion is up, the fun isn’t over! The Spider Pavilion is just one of the All Things Wicked & Wonderful offerings. You’ll want to also check out the macabre plants in our Diabolical and Misunderstood Garden Graveyard. Many of these plants have a sorted reputation, but much like spiders, they are just misunderstood! From pitcher plants to a Venus flytrap, these are plants we’ve never had in the Garden before, so you won’t want to miss them. 

And if you’re a fan of our hunts, you’ll want to head off on our Witch Hunt which will lead you through the Garden’s 87 acres in search of a wicked witch.  Starting October 8, if you’re visiting the Garden on a weekend in October, you’ll want have your eyes peeled. We think the witch just may make an appearance! 

Tickets to the Spider Pavilion are $5 for Members and up to $22 for non-members (which includes Garden General admission). To purchase them, click here.