Garden Weekly Highlight: The Banyan Grove

Garden Weekly Highlight: The Banyan Grove

Our Banyan Grove is home to large Moreton Bay Fig trees of the Moraceae family. These mammoth trees have shallow roots, enormous branch canopies, aerial roots and bear fruit (figs). These trees have roots that spread out like mazes, and make for perfect benches. This area of the Garden is a perfect spot for hot days since it’s fully shaded and can make you completely forget you’re in Los Angeles County. Here are some fun facts about the trees that make this area of the Garden a must-see.

Fun facts:

  • These trees are Moreton Bay Figs, which belong to the genus, or category, named Ficus. There are more than 850 types of Ficus, some of which are figs. 
  • You might see small, black wasps in the Banyan Grove. Those are fig wasps and they pollinate the figs. Fig trees are the only food and shelter for fig wasps, and the wasps are the only pollinators of these fig trees. Fig wasps lay their larvae inside the figs. 
  • These evergreen Ficus trees can grow up to 80 feet tall with a canopy up to 150 feet wide. 
  • Banyan trees often look like they’re upside down because the roots fan out from the trunk, like branches.
  • The Banyan has aerial roots that grow down from the branches, making the tree look like it’s dripping! 
  • These are Moreton Bay Fig trees, or Australian Banyans. Banyan figs are not the figs you buy at the store to eat (yuck – don’t eat)! 
  • Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj filmed the music video “The Light is Coming” in our Banyan Grove. We’re famous!


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