South Coast Botanic Garden is proud of its historic beginnings as the first botanic garden built on an old landfill. Fast forward to today, we invite you all to join us in celebrating our 60-year Diamond Anniversary. Our mission over the decades has been and continues to be to serve the community by providing a unique horticultural and wildlife habitat experience, and to represent a model of excellence for land reclamation and sustainability.

The Garden is a living testimonial to the fact that land reclamation not only offers a practical solution to refuse disposal problems, but also beautifies and improves land values at the same time. The Garden has become a beautiful and restorative urban oasis among the hustle and bustle of a major mega-metropolitan area.

While we had planned to have some programming to celebrate our 60th anniversary, with the current situation regarding COVID-19 we are uncertain how we will celebrate. We are keeping our gates open during this time because we know the Garden has become a restorative environment over the years and can provide some serenity to those in need. Until we can plan something properly, enjoy these historical photos from the Garden’s archives.


The Garden started as a mining operation for diatomaceous earth.

Earth movers help cap areas that once held trash in the landfill.

County of Los Angeles, Department of Parks and Recreation Assistant Superintendent, Ed Hatnagel, Superintendent, Don Woolley, and Garden Founding President, Frances Young.

To help support the Garden during these times, please consider making a donation. You can do so here.