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70 pink flamingos are taking over our Amphitheater Lawn this spring, and they’re joined by a pack of dogs, fluffle of rabbits, troop of monkeys, swarm of butterflies and a pod of dolphins! Flamboyance features more than 100 topiary animals presented in six groupings throughout the Garden. The largest of these groupings is the 70 life-sized flamingos filled with begonias – hence the name of the exhibit, Flamboyance, which runs at the Garden from May 1 through July 31.

Also part of the exhibit is a pair of beautiful, oversized butterfly wings for visitors to snap a photo in front of. You won’t be able to miss them, but just in case, they will be located in front of the SOAR – Tropical Butterflies exhibit. And while Flamboyance is free with Garden admission, there is one hidden topiary in our butterfly pavilion for those visiting that exhibit. Can you find it? 

Please note, the topiaries in this exhibit are works of art and made from living plants, so please resist the urge to touch them and inform your little ones of the no-touch policy. Thank you!

Accessibility: Some areas of Flamboyance might be impassable for wheelchairs or those with mobility issues. We have a select amount of accessibility tickets available on Saturdays that include a 20-minute golf cart ride to see the topiaries. Accessibility tickets should be booked in advance by calling Guest Services at 424-452-0920. If these tickets have not been booked in advance, we will not be able to accommodate you due to limited availability.

Exhibit FAQ

What is a topiary? Topiary is defined as the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into clearly defined shapes. The word derives from the Latin word for an ornamental landscape gardener. Original topiary was more traditional geometric shapes but changed to be more creative in the 20th Century (more below!).

Why topiaries? The way our topiaries are planted is viewed as an art form, which was developed by Walt Disney when he used topiaries in the shape of Disney characters to decorate his theme parks. This makes for a fun and engaging way to showcase horticulture. 

What are they planted with? The flamingos are planted with begonias. The rest of the topiaries are planted with more water-wise succulents. You’ll have to come to the exhibit to find out exactly what!   

Can I buy a topiary? No, the topiaries are not currently for sale, however, you CAN name one! Both the Flamingos and Dogs are sponsorable at $5,000 each.

Where are these topiaries from?  The flamingos are on loan from Franklin Park Conservatory in Ohio. We have to return them at the end of the exhibit. All of the other animals were purchased by the Garden. 

Ticket Information

Please note: If you’d also like to experience SOAR – Tropical Butterflies during your visit, please purchase a SOAR ticket online in advance, which includes General Admission and Flamboyance.

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