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Take in the beauty of protea, a stunning genus of South African flowering plants, through the lens of photographer Gil Garcetti. (Yes, photographer Gil Garcetti is also the former Los Angeles County District Attorney.)

Gil and his literary partner, Larry Livingston, will host a conversation and slide presentation on this unique flower, which is also the subject of their recent publication, PROTEA: The Magic and the Mystery.

The flower is a symbol of change and hope, and the pair will discuss how they have been inspired in their art and lives by the structure and intricacies of protea plants.

Following the presentation, photographs and signed books will be available for purchase and a casual lunch will be served in a Garden location.

This event is complimentary with Garden Circle membership ($1,000 annually). Join today by calling Kathryn at 424-452-0931.

Garden Circle members may RSVP to membership@scbgf.org.

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PROTEA: The Magic and the Mystery

PROTEAS are a magical array of wondrous flowers that beg you to see the mystery within them. These lush dramatic images of photographer Gil Garcetti, accompanied by the whimsical and at times passionate prose of Larry Livingston, reveal the unique personality of each protea bloom. As you explore the magic and the mystery of nature’s proteas, as given to you by Garcetti and Livingston, you will receive an unexpected reward: the uplifting of your spirit in this tension filled world. This is Garcetti’s first still life project and he approaches it with the same intimacy and insight he brings to his human and architectural subjects. Livingston, a writer, served as Dean of the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California. His prose captions, which range from the whimsical to the profound, from the sardonic to pointed social commentary, treat the flowers as people complete with personae and point of view. Yes, photographer Gil Garcetti is the former Los Angeles County District Attorney. PROTEA: THE MAGIC AND THE MYSTERY is his ninth published photography book and proves that successful career change is possible and provides opportunity to explore the world, bringing insight and pleasure to others throughout life!