This Sunday, we celebrate mom. And in our COVID world, our celebrations look different. Let’s remember celebrating “mom” has a different meaning for each of us. At the Garden we recognize this is a day of celebration for some, and perhaps a painful reminder for others. Whether you’re celebrating the moms/sisters/grandmothers/friends/loving humans in your life or remembering those you may have lost, the Garden is with you. The Garden serves as a reminder of our ultimate mother – NATURE. Mother Nature. Earth Mother. Mother Earth. Nature (with a capital N)!

While the entire world has been hunkering down and quarantining at home, Nature has been thriving. We’ve all commented on what we’ve noticed on our daily walks, or from our window or yards: bigger, brighter, louder Nature. Birds, butterflies, flowers, trees, roses, clouds and sunsets. Nature is thriving in spite of what’s happening with humans. Our quarantine means less traffic, less carbon emission, better air quality. We humans have taken a step back and Nature has come forward as if to remind us of her importance and necessity. 

So, on this day, when we take a moment for “Mom,” let’s take a moment for Mother Nature. Go outside, take a deep breath, and let your mind wander for a moment while staring at the sky or trees or flowers around you. Share a moment outside with Mom on Zoom. Send your thanks to Mom and Mother Nature. Both are doing their best to protect us in this time. Let’s do our best to protect them, as we work together to pull through this!

Mother’s Day gifts from the Garden:

  • Give Mom the Gift of Membership! Why give a bouquet of flowers when you can give her an entire garden? Your gift membership includes 12-months of complimentary garden admission, valuable discounts, and much more. Learn More…
  • Homemade Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement from Ikebana instructor Yumiko Kikkawa – learn how to make 5 different arrangements in less than 10 minutes with flowers from the grocery store or your backyard!
  • 10% off for brunch or dinner  (delivery or pick-up only) from TGIS.  Just mention the Garden discount when purchasing – discount does not apply to tenderloin or ribeye dinners).

The Garden has remained open to serve the community by being a place to encourage wellness and health through nature and open space. Please help keep us open by considering a gift to the Garden. You can do so here.