May is flying by, which means Memorial Day Weekend is near!  While we hope everyone takes time to honor the lives of the men and women lost while serving our country, we also hope you take some time to get outside and enjoy the freedoms they were fighting for. If you happen to find yourself in the Garden, here are 10 ways you can spend time in the Garden during this long weekend. 

  1. Have a picnic! Whether you want to bring your own and set up on the lawn or at a table in our new Dorothy and Allen Lay Staghorn Fern Collection, or you want to purchase a Bespoke Picnic and have our special events team set up a magical experience for you, picnicking is one of the most popular Memorial Day Weekend activities! 
  2. Explore Flamboyance – A Topiary Menagerie featuring more than 100 whimsical animal topiaries, including 70 life-sized flamingos. This exhibit makes plants accessible to ALL and is included with General Admission tickets, which means it’s FREE for Members! Who doesn’t love a little whimsy on a long weekend?
  3. Get up close and personal with butterflies in SOAR – Tropical Butterflies!  We are always getting new species – our first Polyphemus moth was just released into the pavilion earlier this week! Plus, can you find the ONE animal topiary hidden inside the pavilion? This exhibit provides an all-new experience each time you visit. Tickets are $5 for Members and up to $22 for non-members, which includes General Admission tickets. 
  4. Stop and smell the roses in the Dorothy and John Bohannon Rose Garden, which is in full bloom and looking spectacular with more than 1,000 bushes and 100 varieties! It’s a great spot to snap a photo or to sit and take in the beautiful variety of blooms and colors. 
  5. Hike through our 5 miles of trail – and we aren’t saying walk Tram Road. Get off the paved path and explore our dirt trails that trace you through our 87 acres. We promise you’ll find something new you’ve never seen before! 
  6. Admire artwork immersed in nature with our Hide and Seek: Art Meets Nature exhibit featuring world-class art, including 6 sculptures on loan from LACMA.
  7. Go on a scavenger hunt! We have put together a number of scavenger hunts that you can find on our blog. Whether you want to hunt for native plants, animals, critters or more, there’s something for everyone! 
  8. Cloud watch! There are 10 meadows and lawns throughout the Garden. Bring a blanket and lie down under the beautiful sky and get to know one another or re-connect. Cloud watching can open your imagination and lead to conversations you normally might not have. 
  9. Bring your binoculars and go bird watching! The Garden is an idyllic location for bird watching with the chance to see dozens of species. Bring binoculars and a bird book and head off on your mission. Birds can be seen soaring the sky, perched in a tree, looking for berries or flowers in a shrub or tree, or on the ground looking for seeds and insects. While you can see them, be sure to also slow down and listen for them. Learn more about bird watching at the Garden here.
  10. See the latest blooms! Georgiann Keller is always helping us stay up to date on the latest blooms in the Garden. Listen to her latest audio blog and then let her guide you through the Garden to explore the latest blooms. It will definitely be a beautiful way to spend Memorial Day! 


The Garden relies on generous donations from our Members, visitors and community to keep access to our 87 acres open for all and to provide unique horticultural experiences that help people find connections with nature. Please help us continue this mission for years to come by considering a gift to the Garden. You can do so here.