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Alluaudia humbertii

Starting as a shrub, Alluaudia humbertii eventually becomes a tree 20 feet tall.  This specimen was planted in 1982 and is now flowering (2010) following the removal of a large Parkinsonia branch that was covering both Alluaudia humbertii and its neighbor Alluaudia procera.  Branches are spiny and the leaves are fleshy,  obovate to orbicular in shape.  This plant bears male flowers and is very attractive to Honey Bees.  Photos by Laurel Woodley

Alluaudia humbertii produces male flowers on this plant
Alluaudia humbertii with male flowers
Alluaudia humbertii produces terminal spikes of flowers
Latin Name: 
Alluaudia humbertii
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Cactus Garden