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South Coast Fuchsia Society Show and Sale

Sat, 6/14 10:00am to 4:00pm

Included with paid Garden admission   

Imagine relaxing in your garden filled with beautiful fuchsias. Make that dream a reality when you attend the Annual Fuchsia Show and Sale.   

We are featuring gorgeous fuchsias with aubergine-colored blossoms to grace your summer and fall shade garden. We will also have fuchsias in a variety of other colors from purple and pink to red, white, and lavender. Our “must have" fuchsia this year is “Dainty.” This hardy, mite-resistant beauty with single red and purple blossoms is easy to grow as an upright or in a hanging basket. It will delight you with a multitude of blossoms and will warm your gardener's heart with its hardiness in temperature extremes.           

Gorgeous, fresh blossoms will be on exhibit, showcasing many varieties of fuchsia flowers, including very large doubles, singles, species, and very small encliandra-type blossoms. 

Over 150 varieties of fuchsia plants will be on view in the Ida Drapkin Fuchsia Garden, located just steps from the show hall. 

Several hundred varieties of fuchsias will be for sale, grown by our members and commercial growers. These versatile perennials will be on sale in variety of sizes including hanging baskets, standard trees, patio shrubs, and trellises, as well as in two-inch, four-inch, and gallon-size containers. Containers (baskets), Nutricote fertilizer, potting soil, and other supplies will be offered for sale. There will be a potting table where members will pot plants for free when you buy a plant, a container, and potting soil. 

Members will be available to answer questions, help with plant selection, and share their gardening experience. 

All proceeds from the sale benefit the Ida Drapkin Fuchsia Garden.

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