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Springtime Blues and Fiery Falls - Gardening with California Native Plants Through the Seasons
Saturday, September 29, 2012
1:00 PM
Frances Young Hall - South Coast Botanic Garden 

While most gardeners are familiar with the abundance of spring-blooming California native plants that are seen in gardens and landscapes, many are not aware that they can have beautiful gardens of native plants year round in southern California. This talk will focus on some of the best native plants for bringing color and interest to your garden throughout the year: Fall color, berries, and the first flowers brought on by the beginning of the rainy season; winter blooming manzanitas, currants, gooseberries, and mahonias; the exuberance of spring with too many plants to enumerate; the desert willows, milkweeds, and a plethora of daisies of summer; to the buckwheats and California fuchsias that close out the gardening year before the rainy season. These, and many more possibilities will be discussed. Fall is the best time to be planting these great additions to your garden, so now is the time to be choosing what you want to look for at the upcoming sale!
As director of Special Projects at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden, Bart O'Brien has been involved in the research and conservation of California native plants. He is the co-author of two prevous books, California Native Plants for the Garden and Care & Maintenance of Southern California Native Plant Gardens.