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Welcome to Our New Members

The success of the South Coast Botanic Garden is due in part to the support of our membership. Our members help provide outstanding botanical, horticultural, and educational opportunities. A hearty welcome goes to our new members who joined from August through October 2011. New members whose names are not shown here will be included in the next update. If you find any errors, please contact the Foundation office at (310) 544-1948 or send an email to


Serykah and Kaajeev Aggerwhil

Janet Akman

Rikiko Allen

Sheila Allen

David and Olga Alvarado

Carlos Amezcua and Mardi Gaglio

Holly and Mark Anderson

Shereen Ansari

Ryan Augustine

Adam and April Bain

Tanith Barcroft

Bena and Bongja Won

Victoria Betancourt and Monica Martinez

Sylvia and Margaret Bobadilla

Larry Bocock and Michelle Ardeshiri

Kimberly Bratton

Ryan and Faith Brouillette

Kristina Bruechle

May Brumbaugh

John and Lisa Bryant

Theresa Cabanday and Theresa Holmes

Dale and Julianne Cabell

Colby and Jen Cano

Kevin Cantrell and Christina Burton-Cantrell

Pryscilla and Andre Caravallio

Curtis and Arlene Carley

Michelle and Michael Caruthers

Maura Castillo-Madrid and Steve Madrid

Michael Chen and Nina Johnson

Elwyn and Virginia Chin

Shawn Chowning

Roger Coar

Jean Comings

Stephanie Criona-Duda

Kiersten Darrow and John Steele

Gregory and Maritoni De Leon

Eddie and Pattie DeHaro

Debra DeMartino

Nori and Wayne Dempsey

Lisa Dennen

Rafael and Norma Diaz

Elissa DiCarlo

Nicolas and Rachel Disloquez

Shannon and Judy Dossa

Linda Noreen Drake

Kimberly Durdin and Christopher Boyd

John Ehrenfeld

George and Josefina Ellis

Amy and Mark Enfield

Dale and Monique Eriksen

Warren and Micaela Feria

Boulton and Adrianna Fernando

Robin Filtzer

Bryan Flynn and Tannaz Khosrowshahi

Sandra Fortin

David and Barbara Fox

Dave and Jeanne Fratello

Bonnie and Charles Gail

Catherine Gazin

Mark and Laura Gehley

William and Phyllis Glantz

Aimee Goeppner and Nina Haas

Becky Gonnerman

Lauren Gonzales and Brenda Martin

Javier and Joy Gonzalez

Sherry Granstrom

Susan Haas

Judy Haidinger

Takehiro and Rena Hattori

Michael Heyman

Ivy Higdon

Steven and Hae Higdon

James Hill and Pam Barrett

Michael Holman and Beverly Powell

Alexander Hudson and Martina Blank

Eric and Sara Hulsy

Debora and David Humphreys

Andrew and Judy Hwang

Cliff and Maria Jensen

James and Dayna Jetton

David and Debbie Joe

Geoff and Belinda Johnstone

Wilma Jolly

Joe and Joannie Jorczak

Stephen Jordan

Kyu and Young Kang

Heather and Mark Karmelich

Young Kay

Keney and Linda Kayoda

Margaret Keyes

Sandra Kludjian

Belinda Krekorian

Christine Kunzang

Tanya and Brian Kursar

Charlotte  Lazar-Morrison


Bong Lee

Joyce Lee

Sam and Haesook Lee

Somchat and Monica Lertkulvanich

Mark Levine

Tina Levine

Chungsoon Lim

Steve and Margaret Lindsey

Ma Ling and Sandra Liu

Karine Little-Snyder and Paul Snyder

Linda Lo Conte

Joseph and Sharon Logan

Bill and Jane Long

Michael Long and Min Mrotz

Janet MacLeod

Jim Malina

Jennifer and Efrain Marquez

Onorio and Maria Marsella

Silvia Mazzanti

Jack and Patricia McNamara

Laurence and John McNamara

Michael and Deathra Van Scoy

Carolyn Miller

Hashim Mohamed and Masoob Mazeena

Monica Mortensen

Brian and Melissa Morton

Sandra Moulton

Chrisandra Murbach

Grace Nakamaru

John and Rebecca Nasori

Sharry Neubauer

Stephen and Deborah Nowinski

Onyeabo and Stella Okoro

Mike Oshry

Michael and Jennifer Osogwin

Karen Owens

Tina Page

Barbara and Sherree Paige

Chris Park

David Peterson and Constance Lantagne

Todd and Maria Polson

Jeff and Susan Post

Kristen Raig and Norma Escobar

Laura Rauch and Jeff Kaufman

John and Tina Regas

Joseph and Christy Reyes

Celia (Cie) Reynolds

Amy Roberts

Robert and Kathlean Roberts

Carol Roelen

Ann Rogers

Blanca and Jeannette Rojas

Ted and Mary Ross

Rachel and Jeff Ruiz

Terry and Peggy Salmon

Uma and Rajalakshmi Sampathkumaran

Gale and Laura Sasano

Robert and Elizabeth Satterthwaite

Ken Saunders

Rodger, Kanako and Joshua Scrivner

Seong Soo and Theresa Yoon

Breanne and Geoffrey Shaw

Ron and Janice Shestokes

Marco and Sauy Siegloch

Kimberly Skavaril

Don and Mary Sloper

Susan Spellacy

William Stein and Linda Manuel-Stein

Udo Stratynski and Jacie Mraz

Casey and Tracy Strickler

Justin and Surjaya Tamony

Mark Tannin

Roger Taylor

Pramila Tekchandani

Bruce and Anne Timmer

Patricia Torres

John and Nancy Tran

Ollin D Van Natta and Lena C Yett

Eric and Janine Van Poppelen

Kllaus and Maryann Von Der Horst

Richard and Marilyn Waller

Colin and Linda Walsh

Foley and Dwana Weems

Debra Wheeler

Virginia Wilky

Bonnie and Charlene Williams

Mary Winkler

Woody Woods

Chris and Bob Wylie

Shirley York

Ester Zacks

Jaime and Rosa Zavala

Heidi Ziegler and Dennis Ertsman

Zimin Pan and Weixin Xie

Vera Zurndorfer