Credit: Laurie Rennie

Credit: Laurie Rennie

Current Garden Area Restrictions and Closures

Occasional garden area closures occur during the year for scheduled area maintenance or reserved events. Please check this page regularly for all garden area updates.

February 1, 2016.  Countryview and Alpine Lane are closed due to downed trees.  Please be careful in the Garden!  Many other trees were lost, but paths are clear with the exception of Countryview and Alpine Lane.  The tree crew are expected out this week to clear downed trees and open closed paths.

Spring/Summer 2015 – Lake Update for Garden Visitors
Our lake is still dry as we are continuing to do scheduled maintenance. You may have noticed over the past year that there has been some activity at the lake, clearing the overgrowth. Removal of weeds will continue after bird nesting season in the late Summer/Fall of 2015.

The goal is to replace the lake liner. This work will begin once the lake has been cleared of all overgrowth and sediment has been removed. Our lake is a man-made lake which fills naturally with rain water or run-off.

Please check back here for more updates.