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Oriental Impressionistic Watercolor

Classroom A

$55 members / $65 non-members

Instructor:  Hisako Asano, MFA

Learn to create paintings of nature that capture the softly colored art form that is expressed in the teachings and techniques of instructor Hisako Asano.  You will learn to mix and blend colors and manipulate 3-D values with a single stroke. 

Material list:  

1.  1.5" Hake brush
2.  Strathmore 300 series watercolor paper (15 x 18)
3.  Water container
4.  Paper towels
5.  Watercolor palette
6.  Tube of transparent watercolors inthe follwoing basic colors:
      Alizarin Crimson (red)
      Burnt Sienna
      Lemon Yellow
      Indigo (dark blue)
      Prussian Blue
      Sap or Olive Green
You can purchase supplies at:
23145 Kashiwa Court
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 891-3325





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