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The Living Christmas Co.

Classroom B

Class included with paid garden admission


Speaker: Scotty Claus – Owner, The Living Christmas Co.


Our mission to change the way the world celebrates Christmas includes reevaluating how we celebrate and the environmental impact of our traditions. We have partnered with local businesses to offer sustainable, environmental, and unique products, including Fair Trade ornaments, and locally made recycled glass ornaments. We support local environmental groups that share our environmental goals of raising awareness and participating in the community.


We use only local varieties of trees, grown in local conditions. Every year, hundreds of our trees will be retired from active service due to their size or condition. These trees are donated to organizations such as Tree Musketeers to support local urban reforestation efforts.


Possibly our most important initiative is challenging the general public to re-evaluate their practices by offering a dynamic alternative to artificial and cut trees.


Our aggressive community outreach programs have allowed us to partner and fundraise alongside charitable organizations. We are able to donate trees to needy families and partner with nearly 50 local non-profits.


RENT A LIVING TREE THIS CHRISTMASand have a live, potted tree delivered to your doorstep.

It’s fun, it's easy, and it's great for your home and the environment.

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