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Goose Creek tomato

This rare heirloom tomato originating from 1800's when a young Caribbean slave smuggled them with her aboard ship from the Caribbean. When the ship docked at Charleston near Goose Creek, South Carolina, she had the treasured seeds with her, hidden deep in her skirt pocket and planted them that first spring. High fruit yield with very few seeds. Heat tolerant.

Latin Name: 
Solanum lycopersicum
Family Name: 
Place of Origin: 
South America
Garden Location: 
Vegetable garden


I have had good luck with Goose Creek three years in a row - perfectly round, bright red and very meaty - almost too pretty to be a heirloom.  My all time favorite for this climate is Cherokee Purple - purple-red, delicious, and knarly-looking.  I have also had success with Kelloggs Breakfast - big, bright yellow tomato, meaty and mild tasting.  All three are very prolific and grow well in Sunset Zone 23.