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Banksia Rose

Species - Light yellow

Discovered by John Banks in China in 1824.

  • Height / Habit: 18-25', rambler
  • Bloom / Size: Pointed, small
  • Petal count: 17-25
  • Parentage: 
  • Fragrance: Sweet, delicate
  • Hybridizer:
  • Comments: Good tree climber, early bloomer for six weeks in spring. Virtually thornless.
     Disease resistant.  Loves to spread. Aka Lady Yellow Banks. This double yellow rose originates in China but it was the Calcutta Botanic Garden that announced it to the world. The Royal Horticultural Society sent John Damper Parks to Asia to obtain samples. He sent this plant back to England in 1824 on the East Indian trading ship Lowther Castle. With that shipment came an important yellow tea rose. 'Lutea' is a subspecies of R. banksiae, first discovered by Regel in 1877 in China and also by Pierre Delavay who introduced it into France around 1884. Plants that reached Kew would be named for Lady Banks, wife of the director of Kew and financier of many expeditions to Asia.
Rosa banksiae var. normalis cv. lutea has bright yellow flowers
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Rosa banksiae var. normalis cv. lutea
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Tram Rd. nr. Redwoods