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NEW! Garden Shop and Learn - Passionflowers - Spring 2014

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Speaker: Jorge Ochoa

The Lecture will take place in the Courtyard among the Passionflowers.

Journey into the fascinating world of passionflowers (members of the genus Passiflora): their intricate blossoms, delicious fruit, beautiful vines and amazing insect interactions. Learn about their incredible diversity, the plant's biology and how to enjoy them in your Southern California garden, whether it is large or small. Jorge has a long history of chasing passionflowers and has journeyed throughout Central and South America in search of this unique group of plants. He tends one of the largest collections of passionflowers in the world residing in Long Beach.

Jorge and his students will be available to answer questions about this particularly unique plant. This event also includes an optional tour of our generously donated Passionflowers from Jorge and blooming plants in the Greenhouse. Passionflowers will be available for purchase through the Gift Shop.”


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