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White-lined Sphinx

Scientific Name: 
Hyles lineata

This is one of our most common hawk or humming-bird moths that is most often seen feeding on flowers at dusk or visiting lights during evening hours.  The adult moth has white stripes on the primary wings and pink and black colors on the secondary wings.  The larvae or caterpillars occur in two color phases - black or green and feed most commonly on members of the Onagraceae (Primrose family) to which Fuchsias belong. Larvae of this group have a distinct "horn" on the tail end so are often called "hornworms."  When mature the larvae burrow into the ground to form the pupal stage and the adult moth emerges later from that pupa - an example of complete metamorphosis.  Photos by Laurel Woodley

Garden Location: 
Fuchsia Garden
Hyles lineata larva feeding on Fuchsia
Hyles lineata has a pair of chewing mandibles
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