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Events: Special Interest

Mon, 11/3 7:30pm

The California Native Plant Society - South Coast Chapter meets on the1st Monday of month of the month. For info call David Berman @ (310) 833-4377. 


Wed, 11/5 9:00am

Volunteer group that meets every Wednesday and makes crafts for our Gift Shop.

To join please contact Vicky at (310) 544-1508 or


Fri, 11/7 9:00am

Included with paid Garden Admission

We have partnered with Ricardo's Nursery to create a Fall garden display to welcome the change in seasons. Use it to take that perfect Fall photo and come enjoy the fantastic display. Non-commercial photography fees will be waived on Friday, October 17 only. Installation will run continuously until Sunday, November 16.


Fri, 11/7 7:00pm

Age: Adults (and Children age 10+ when accompanied by a paid adult)

$45 for Members / $50 Nonmembers (Materials Included)

This is an evening designed for you to eat, drink, paint and socialize with your friends.  It is your "creative happy hour” after a busy day.  No prior painting experience is required.  We will provide step-by-step instructions, helping you turn a blank 20"x 16"canvas into a final piece of personalized art in two hours.  Our DJ will play your favorite music and a selection of snacks and beverage will be provided to enhance your experience.  Come join us for a relaxing evening after work to enjoy the art and music.   We accept matured kids (10 Yr + recommended) when accompanied by a paid adult. 

Great for ladies night out, reunion, date night, birthday celebration, bridal shower, parent-children bonding, fundraising, corporate team building...

  • No experience needed!
  • We provide everything you will need: canvas, paint, brushes, easels, aprons, etc.
  • A selection of snacks and beverage to accompany the painting experience are available.
  • Enjoy the event and take home your work of art!


Sat, 11/8 10:00am

The California Rare Fruit Growers meets the second Satruday of the month at South Coast Botanic Garden.

The following meeting swill be held in the Koi Pond: April 12th, June 14th and Sept 13th. 

For additional information contact John Baskett at (310) 707-3903 or Carolyn Buchman (310) 370-7894.


Sat, 11/8 10:00am

Instructor: Julie James, Certified Herbalist, Master Gardener

Thyme is an extraordinarily valuable herb for treatment of respiratory problems, infection, oral health, and chronic spasm.

Oregano is a powerful antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral, but also has benefits for digestion, respiration and many other body systems. Together, the two plants, closely related not only in family but also in flavor and action, make some of the strongest medicine we have. They also make tasty foods even tastier.

This class will discuss use of these herbs and the essential oils in treatment of a wide range of conditions. The instructor finds herself reaching for thyme tincture, tea, and essential oil very often, especially during cold and flu season. The plants grow quickly and easily here in Southern California, and they are herbs no garden should be without. Class participants will receive samples of organic Thyme or Oregano tincture and the dried organically grown herb, plus a comprehensive monograph discussing the herb, including botany, cultivation, historical usage, active constituents, current medical usage, culinary usage, recipes and formulas, and health conditions treated by the herb. We will snack on and try out samples of some foods and medicines made with Oregano and Thyme. Yum.


Sun, 11/9 1:30pm

The Cactus & Succulent Society meets the second Sunday of the month.

For additional information contact society president Dale La Forest at (310) 618-9886 and visit


Mon, 11/10 9:30am

The South Coast Fuchsia Society meets the second Monday of the month at South Coast Botanic Garden.

For additional information contact Marsha Hopwood at (310) 374-3255


Tue, 11/11 7:30pm

The South Bay Epiphyllum Society meets on the 2nd Tuesday of month.
For info call Dick Kohlschreiber @ (310) 833-6823

Wed, 11/12 9:00am

Volunteer group that meets every Wednesday and makes crafts for our Gift Shop.

To join please contact Vicky at (310) 544-1508 or