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Events: Health And Wellness

Sat, 11/29 7:45am


November 8, 15, 22, 29 

Series: $35 Members / $50 Nonmembers

Drop-in: $10 Member / $12 nonmember

Instructor: Angie Sierra, Chùa Phât Tổ Temple


Let's come together, release tension, increase balance and feel completely relaxed with Beginners Tai Chi in the Enchanting Garden.

Tai Chi is a graceful series of ancient Chinese meditative movements that help maintain physical health, well-being and spiritual essence. Anyone can learn Tai Chi – any age, all levels of fitness. Come join us in this beautiful practice, and let's celebrate your health!

Tai Chi Yang Style 24-Form: This is a 4 week, 1-hr long course. By the end of the course students will have an understanding of the basic principles of Tai Chi, and will either go through a partial of the 24-form or all the way through.

Warm-up exercises: Each class will begin with an easy warm up to get things lightly circulating, followed by grounding and balancing exercises.

Weeks 1-3: Tai Chi Walk: Every lesson will begin with the Tai Chi 'walk'. This is a mindful practice and it is the foundation of the entire Tai Chi form.

Week 4: Class will begin with a warm-up, and move right into the form.

The class will advance only as far as the whole group seems comfortable to go - the instructor, Angie Sierra will take notice of how the class comfortably transitions from one form to the next to make this decision.

Closing: Each class will end with a 2 minute standing meditation.

Please register through Guest Services in advance. Day-of registration will be handled by instructor. 


Sat, 11/29 9:00am


November 8, 15, 22, 29

$45 members / $55 non-members

Instructor: Nicole Fagone


November 8 – The Breath Connection

November 15 – The Pose/Movement Connection

November 22 – The Meditation Connection

November 29 – The Mantra and Mudra Connection


Join us for the entire series following the workshop as we explore and deepen the connection with the different facets of yoga through breath, movement, meditation, mantra and mudras. A wonderful benefit for the body and mind whether taken in the series or separately. All levels encouraged and welcomed.


Please bring your own yoga mat or contact the instructor at least two days prior to purchase a mat for $10.00. Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring a towel and/or blanket and a water bottle if you prefer. Please bring your own yoga mat or contact the instructor at least two days prior to purchase a mat for $10.00. Nicole Fagone -


**Drop-ins on the day of the class are allowed and are $12 per class for members and $15 per class for non-members. Please register at the Guest Services Center.